The Meg


My rating:  3/5 stars

Mum’s rating: 3.5/5 stars (she fancies Jason Statham)

A decent watch but nothing to write home about, Turteltaub reverts back to several old tropes for cheap laughs but the movie does offer some good laughs and action scenes in places. I would be lying if I said I didn’t mainly choose to see this movie because I’m missing my dog Meg.

Some thoughts that shouldn’t spoil the movie:

Jason Statham plays his role well and contributes humour

A lot of wooden acting, particularly from Bingbing Li which is frustrating as her character is a well-accomplished scientist whose role offered so many opportunities for strong female character development that were ignored by the directors in favour of following tired tropes. She also makes some very questionable life choices like falling for a man she’s just met while her friends are in mortal danger and moving her young daughter into a dangerous underwater lab because hey, that’s a healthy place to raise a child, who needs school and friends their own age?! It’s hard to tell how much of her rather lacklustre performance was the writing and how much was her acting. *sigh*


On the topic of her daughter played by Shuya Sophia Cai seems to be the only one with her head on straight on this research base and she provided a lot of the humour throughout the movie both with her script and unexpectedly good delivery.

sophia cai

Statham’s ex wife has the beginnings of character development with her history with a militant environmental group, but this is not expanded upon and the character is a minor one.

Hiro from Heroes makes an appearance as a crew member though we don’t really see that much of him.


Lots of tropes present: a token black character who is not given a legitimate role and serves purely as comic relief, a token “female mechanic”, an Asian father who sets extremely high standards his daughter struggles to live up to, an action man who enters a base with equipment he’s not used before (technology has moved on in the five years he’s been out of the game) but seems to be able to expertly use and saves the day.


One trope annoyed me in particular, an overweight child was featured with a lolly and we got glimpses of him throughout the climax of the movie- it seemed like an old bad “let’s laugh at the fat kid more focused on food than survival” scenario, I didn’t laugh, I yawned.

The film generally follows the narrative of films like jaws but add additional twists and a new ending to change it up a bit.

The ending reeked of lost potential however and I felt the relevant character became a passenger in their own demise, the potential for more poignant meaning was lost.

The Megladon is pretty cool


The film ended with Fin which satisfied me greatly.







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