Who thought it was a good idea to give me a golf cart?

First things first, I am pretty much over the flu bug I mentioned in my last post, HOORAY! The only thing I can blame my slightly off stomach on today is my rather excessive drinking last night 😛

So, the start of my week was mainly full of working and being ill, meaning there isn’t anything to report. The only productive thing I can attribute to the first half of the week was organising for flowers to be sent to my mum for her birthday. I must say, they were nice flowers, all lovely summery colours, I did a good job at the whole doting daughter thing.

I think I get brownie points for sending flowers when I’m in a different continent

Thursday started off a bit frustrating for me; work had been going slowly, I’d had a load more MSci tasks dumped on me and I was still feeling ill. I decided that there was only one way I was going to make myself feel better (apart from wishing mum a happy birthday of course)- the Incredibles II !!!!!! Despite the movie being out over here since I got here, I hadn’t found the time to go see it. So, on Thursday, feeling down and in need of a cheering up, I made the time. I was not disappointed, I didn’t think the sequel would be able to live up to the standard of the first let alone surpass it but damn, I’m not sure which film I love more now!

Feeling like a kid again…… the only lone adult in a sea of families

After my spontaneous decision to see the Incredibles, I decided I would continue the trend and just jump into another activity I had on my to-do list. And by that, I quite literally mean, I jumped into the Otonabee river after work on Friday. This needed a little bit more planning as I needed to bring a bathing suit and towel into work whereas I could just rock up to the cinema and buy a ticket. After enjoying a yummy soy hot chocolate with work friends in the morning (why did I think a hot drink was a good idea in the sun?) and walking around campus in the heat, the river looked oh so tempting. Despite being attacked by some seaweed thing and the occasional attempt by the current to pull me away, I found my dip very relaxing. Though my hair had all but dried off by the time I got home, I did jump straight in the shower because I smelled like a river monster.

On Saturday, I helped at a charity golf tournament, called the Shedden invitational, run by Catherine’s son Stuart. For some reason they thought giving me a golf cart to drive Karen (Andrew’s partner) around was a good idea. I had an awesome time zooming around in the cart- I didn’t crash once 😀 The same can’t be said of a guy called James (why is everyone called James?), he got rather drunk, drove at a tree, swerved, fell out, and knocked himself out running at the tree.  It was nice hanging out with Stuart’s girlfriend Bailey (from the lakeside house party) too, I ended up going to see Wintersleep (a Canadian band) with her and some of her friends later and we had a rather fun alcohol-fuelled pub session afterwards! One of her friends is the spit of Freddie Mercury 😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, I had a great end of the week and weekend!!!







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