ABC: axes, boardgames and cocktails

I am writing this sat in the garden of my house here, I had to go home early from work yesterday as I’ve managed to pick up some flu-like bug thing. Now that I’ve been taking my ginger doses and can finally keep food down, I thought I would take the opportunity to update the blog.

I have been busy with work but that is much the same as last week meaning there isn’t anything really to update you on except to shout out to Tom for naming my first stable isotope tray that is being sent to California.

And here we have the scientific assay tray in its natural habitat

So, I thought I would talk about the weeks’ ABC, and where better to start that A? A is for axes; I went along to another meetup event on Wednesday and this time it was axe throwing, which sounded great as I had some frustration I needed to vent! So I decided to head directly to the axe centre from work and had the rather interesting task of navigating my way from the bus terminal with no data, along some rather suspect streets.

There ended up being 8 of us, a good number as it filled a round-robin sheet; no one was a pro either which meant less embarrassment for those of us who couldn’t get the axe to stick 😛 You could either throw the axe one handed or two, one-handed just wasn’t working for me, I think years of volleyball has primed my swing to go across not straight, I kept throwing it at the wall… Two-handed though, two-handed I could do- if anything I could do it with a little too much force, there were quite a few times I struggled to pull it from the board! I couldn’t pull off any of the trick shots so if I go again, my aim will be to get at least some of them to stick 😀 Though the sheet seems to make it appear that I lost, they spelled my name wrong so it doesn’t count!!!

This place has a great way of preventing people from overdrinking when in possession of dangerous weapons. When you buy your first drink you get a wristband, each time you buy a drink you get a strike- 3 strikes = no more drinks.

Next up is B: boardgames. My second meetup on the week was playing board games in a cute little coffee shop called Dreams of Beans with 4 of the meetup crew. Amazingly, I hadn’t played 2/3 of the games we ended up playing. Sushi Go was my sole familiar friend, I didn’t win but did manage to make myself a lovely meal of sashimi and tempura prawns. Bang is a cowboy resistance style game with shootouts, dice rolls and calculated risks- I proved myself to be a good bad guy and I won twice, once as an outlaw and once as a renegade. The last game we played was a cyanide and happiness version of cards against humanity where you finish comic strips with the most amusing and/or inappropriate scene possible to win the card master’s vote.

Before I went to play board games I thought I’d have a nice mooch around downtown, I expected to find some nice, quirky shops, I did not expect to be caught in a massive rain shower with thunder and lightning to boot. I did not let a bit of rain get me down though- no true Brit would! I found a lovely little chocolate shop and bought myself a bar of divine dark chocolate *drools*. I was also very bad and bought myself a new handbag that I certainly didn’t need, it was sparkly though, so what could I do?!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

C is for cocktails. Andrew’s partner Karen arrived on Friday and the four of us went out to a lovely little Spanish website to celebrate. The food, in general, has been A+ here, so many good vegan restaurants and vegan choices in restaurants. That same day I went to a great Mexican place for lunch and had this amazing vegetarian torta (so much love for Mexican food).

This Spanish restaurant has some great seafood so I sampled their squid dish- delish! Buuuuuuut, there was also some rather expensive ($70) red wine Karen and Catherine were tempted by and post-meal Sangria. I honestly don’t understand how anyone likes Sangria- I was retching after the first sip!! The four of us had a great time eating, drinking and chatting so we decided to pop into a cocktail bar called the Sapphire Room on the walk back. OMG these cocktails were both tasty and cheap (about £4.50); going back there before I leave! Catherine may have had a little too much to drink though, like my mum, I don’t think she can have too much 😛

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So there we go, you’re up to date with what I’ve been up to- this week is likely to be less eventful as I’m nursing this bug but I’ll let you know if I spontaneously go skydiving or something 😀



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