Last week summary!



Some of you will have noticed (or told me) that I’ve fallen a little bit behind with writing up what I’ve been getting up to. That’s because I’ve been having so much fun that finding the time to sit down and write about it has been hard! I won’t lie though, I’ve also been spending my time napping in the sun and reading Game of Thrones.

On Tuesday I got my education in the best nightlife Peterborough has to offer….. and by that I mean that Catherine and I went to the diviest of dive bars, the Historic Red Dog, to watch her son Andrew play a gig. I would say the place had a “rustic charm” but I would be lying through my teeth- there was no AC, no drinks on tap and the gruff bartender looked at me like I’d grown horns when I asked for cider. Buuuuuut, the Red Dog does seem to have a good music history and Andrew was really, really good- I hadn’t realised he is a proper musician but he is, has a Spotify album and everything!


I managed to find the time on Friday evening to take a walk along Jackson Creek with Marley (a dedicated doggo post will appear shortly). The river and forest are B.E.A utiful, though, the insects are another story. Those insects deserve a special spot in hell :/


I looked back at one point and saw this ❤ 


Then on Friday Catherine and I went out to a lovely vegan restaurant in Peterborough called the Food Forrest and Oh My Gosh the food was TAAAAAASTY! I’m rating Canada highly on the vegan food front at the moment; I’ve now been to two purely vegan eateries and the food is top class, better than a lot in the UK…

Well….. I was going to take a photo of the burger but it smelled so good that I practically inhaled it

Oh yeah, I also began my lab work last week, you know… the whole reason I came here, I should probably talk about that too 😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, at the moment I am preparing samples for stable isotope analysis- I’m going to keep the science light here and will post a more detailed account of the process and details in a sciencey post at some point. Essentially, I’m cleaning and cutting up wolf hair and whiskers into to get 1mg samples in little pieces, I put this into a tiny aluminium tub (the size of my little fingernail). These get sent off to California where the ratios of Nitrogen and Carbon are measured- we can then use these ratios to deduce what prey items the study wolves have been eating and in what proportion. The work is quite tedious (you try cutting up your dog’s hair into 1mg samples) but the science is interesting 😀

I will try to keep you updated in a more timely fashion from now on 😀

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