Canada day weekend fun!

I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a while; over the weekend (which I’m about to fill you in on) I was busy having fun and since then I’ve been busy working 😛

The 1st July is Canada day here so there was a 3 day weekend to celebrate; Catherine was invited to a big party to celebrate by her son’s girlfriend’s family and she invited me along for the ride! The party was in Trenton on the shore of Lake Ontario so I knew it would be pretty but damn, this house was soooooo nice. This family is rather well provided for it seems, if the 4 bathrooms equipped with rain shower heads, massive kitchen, mahoosive back garden leading to a boathouse and dock onto the lake were anything to go by.

Talking about lakes, I spent the night camped out right by the water’s edge, so close I could hear the waves lapping against the dock throughout the night.

Best bed going 😀

I had been feeling a bit homesick and bereft of human contact with people my own age so I was really happy for a distraction and the 20 or so 20 somethings at the party! Everyone was incredibly welcoming and my accent was a commented on a few times despite the other guy from the UK having one much the same- apparently the way I say crisps (I refuse to call them chips) is funny 😛

It was so hot at the weekend, 42-47 degrees with the humidity, that it was really good to be able to jump in the pool whenever I needed (oh yeah, there was a pool too)!

I’d like to say that many deep meaningful conversations were had over the course of the evening but if I’m really honest, we all just got incredibly drunk and danced by the shoreline till 3am. But seriously, I had a good time chatting and partying with some cool people so much so I didn’t take any pics (sorry guys).

Sunday was largely spent recovering from the previous night’s partying. On Monday, the heat was oppressive as usual so Catherine and I took a trip to her brother Malcolm’s to swim in his pool. It was going great until a storm hit and we had to run for cover….

It’s raining, it’s pouring

Sorry I took this long to write this up, I’ll try to keep you updated more regularly 😀


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