So yesterday I went to visit Bracebridge (Muskoka) which is about 2 hours north of Peterborough; I have attempted my first video content so most of the day is summarised in that 😀 Though, it turns out that I can’t post it on here so I’m going to put that on Facebook or Instagram I think 😛

My Canada Mom had a work presentation here so I hopped in the car at 6am so I could explore my first Canadian town. First on my list was to follow a sign to the “falls”, meandering down to the old mill and along the river.

Too tempting not to follow

There is an old Gristmill (grinds cereal grain into flour) next to a dam, creating the promised falls; this was the first time I have seen a proper dam and I really enjoyed the sound of water crashing onto rocks. Resisted the temptation to jump over the barrier and walk in the water, mainly because of the large warning signs!



I saw a lot of creepy crawlies, some I recognised and some I didn’t (I think I’ll put together a page of all the new species I encounter). Why are the ants so big?! I didn’t get a picture of the ants because I was too busy running away from them…


I also found a brick that had been in the river and had eroded in a quite charming fashion- I threw it back into the water so the force of the water could continue smoothing it down.

Strangely beautiful

Anyway, I had a wander up the high street after my walk, one thing I noticed was that there is so much space here, in the UK all the shops are connected to each other but here there is loads of space between each building. I grabbed a hot chocolate in a lovely little coffee shop called Oliver’s, it was a nice hot chocolate but the best bit was the air conditioning inside the shop which made it a very welcome break from the heat outside.


I then munched my way through an amazing BBQ tofu buddha bowl at a natural food market cafe called Delhi llama. It was honestly one of the best vegan dishes I’ve bought, full of yummy veg and REALLY good tofu.



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