So, thanks to Primera Air cancelling my Birmingham flight, I had to fly from Stansted. Mum was amazing and offered to drive me down so phase one of my journey to Canada became a road trip with my favourite (only) mother dearest. We stopped for a nice lunch and I made it to the airport with plenty of time, I can’t say I was a fan of the 28-degree heat though; waiting for the shuttle from the carpark to the terminal was not fun 😛

Checking in was a breeze, I thought there was a long queue but we were swept to the front of the line by staff, obviously, they can spot star quality when they see it 😀 After some hugs and tears (mum, don’t lie, I saw your eyes watering) I left mum and went through security- I feel like my entire checked luggage was just electronics and chargers.

Am I ready to go….?


I didn’t really have loads of time at Stansted to look around the shops so decided to head across to my gate- maybe I’m more excited about this than I should be but I GOT TO GO ON A TRAIN TO MY GATE!

A train to the gates!

First bit of confusion when finding my gate; my boarding pass said gate 19 but 5 minutes till boarding opened, a horde of Thompson’s customers jetting off to Majorca for their holidays descended upon my gate. Apparently, they’d changed the gate and decided not to announce it- thank’s Stansted!! After wandering around trying not to look hopeless, I managed to find my plane (hint, looking out the window for the plane with the right logo helps).  Thankfully the seats were big enough to be reasonably comfy for my 8-hour flight and there was a free seat next to me and the woman sitting in the aisle was a lovely lady returning home from visiting Italy.

I can see an aeroplane… 😀
Seems like enough space








8 hours is a long time to sit in a metal box in the sky but I managed to sleep a bit, work a bit, listen to music a bit and chatted with my Italian neighbour a bit.  But finally, I got my first look at Canada out of my window!

Oh Canada!

Border control was not so pleased with me when I got off the plane though, not having a letter explicitly every detail of my internship did not go down well.

Becki’s tip: If you’re going to Canada (or anywhere else) for an unpaid internship- just say you’re going on holiday!


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