What’s in a bit of dog spit?

No, really, what’s in dog spit? I feel like I know a fair bit about dogs, I have two (one of them, Meg, is gracing your screen above as I type)- I’m also a fourth-year zoology student. I know that dogs were domesticated around 27,000 years ago1, I know that this caused a series of... Continue Reading →

To vax or not to vax? That really shouldn’t be the question….

Last week I was innocently scrolling through Facebook looking for funny videos of puppies falling over when I came across an article about a study on the combined Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine and Autism. Clicking on it I was pleased to find that yet another large scale study that found NO LINK BETWEEN... Continue Reading →

The Meg

3.5/5 stars
A decent watch but nothing to write home about, Turteltaub reverts back to several old tropes for cheap laughs but the movie does offer some good laughs and action scenes in places. I would be lying if I said I didn’t mainly choose to see this movie because I'm missing my dog Meg.

Phase one over

It's Poo-tin not Poo-teen, I am getting too used to the lakeside life, my laboratory enslavement is over and the dog always looks better in photos

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